When it comes to shipping parcels it should be a very smooth process yet some people and companies can make it seem like very hard work indeed, and a lack of simple planning can make shipping parcels very hard work indeed.

Firstly you have to bear in mind that your parcel courier is not just picking up your parcels and shipping them everyday, indeed they may be picking up parcels from dozens of companies in your area. Send Parcels to USA

This means that they will not simply be able to pick up your parcel within five minutes of you phoning them for a collection. They may well have a set pick up time e.g. they guarantee to pick up by 5.30pm, or say two hours from your phone call, but they will not be able to pick up just as and when you want them to.

Alternatively you may find that you are allocated a set pick up time each day, such as 3.30pm, or maybe a set collection window such as from 3pm to 5pm (This is very common). If you need a parcel collection outside of this then you may well have to organize it a day or more in advance.

The next thing that causes people problems with parcels deliveries is that they cannot understand why the parcel courier cannot wait around for fifteen minutes whilst you finish packing your parcel, but it is not their fault your parcel is not ready on time. Imagine if they waited around fifteen minutes at every customer they picked up a parcel from, by the end of the day they would be hours behind and soon be out of business.

So ensure that your parcel is ready in plenty of time prior to the collection time, so that the parcel courier can pick it up without delay.

Also when it comes to getting your parcels ready for the courier to pick up then ensure that you have plenty of the right packaging materials to hand. This is because one of the most common reasons for parcels not being ready to be collected on time, is that people have not got the right packaging materials in stock, and at the end of the day this is not an acceptable position for you to be in.

If you know that you have five parcels to ship the next day, then ensure the day before that you have the right things to pack your parcels such as boxes, foam and packaging tape.

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